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Elder Needs Should Be Discussed

It is very important that elderly people talk to their younger family members about what their needs are and what they might be in the future. Too many people are not having those conversations.

Most people who live long enough, will at some point reach a stage in life when they are no longer able to adequately or safely care solely for themselves. Some people will face physical problems for which they will require help.  Others will face mental problems that make things difficult. Some people will face both physical and mental problems.

Most of the time it is up to younger family members to help their elderly loved ones who face these problems. However, if the younger people do not know what to do and what the elderly person wants done, then the best help is difficult to provide.

For younger people to know that, they need to have conversations with their elderly relatives long before any help is needed. Americans are not having those types of conversations, according to a new survey as WLNS reports in “Conversations About Elder Needs Aren’t Happening, According to Wells Fargo Survey.”

Conversations about what will happen when we get older and are no longer able to care for ourselves are not always comfortable, but these conversations are important. They do not have to be too difficult. Younger family members just need to know some basics about what their elderly relatives want, such as whether or not they would prefer to live at home as long as they can. Younger people also need to know where to find any important legal papers and what their responsibilities might be.

Contact a qualified estate planning attorney to help facilitate this important conversation.

Reference: WLNS (May 8, 2018) “Conversations About Elder Needs Aren’t Happening, According to Wells Fargo Survey.”

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