Estate Planning

Mountain Empire Legal Services is committed to helping individuals and families throughout Virginia plan for their future. One of the greatest inaccuracies that we have come across when discussing estate planning is that you do not need a plan unless you have a lot of money. Our philosophy is that it does not matter how much you have, but it matters that what you do have benefits your loved ones. We understand that each family is unique and that estate planning is more than a set of instructions that tells the government who your property should go to after your death. Our Estate planning is the process is designed to understand your unique situation and goals and create a plan to pass your wealth, wisdom and values to your loved ones in the most efficient way possible.

By working with Mountain Empire you can be confident that your estate plan will be current, take advantage of the latest planning opportunitues, and address your goals using an approach that makes sense to you and a strategy that you can be confident in.

We help our clients to develop a plan that fits with the client’s individual family and financial circumstances to ensure that we minimize the risks faced by our clients, whether those risks are creditors, irresponsible beneficiaries, taxes or administration fees. Our plans may involve a will, trusts, or other estate planning techniques to effectively and efficiently meet the needs of each client.

Whether you are looking to create your estate plan for the first time or to update your existing plan, we can help you create your comprehensive and personalized estate plan, providing you peace of mind that your wishes will be followed. Contact us today to begin planning for your future.

Contact us today to learn the best way to efficiently protect and distribute your estate.

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