6 Tips for Eating Healthy as a Senior

Nutrition is important for all of us at any age. As an Older American, however, it can become increasingly important to think about the value of nutrition and what it means to feed yourself as healthy as possible. Countless studies exist now that share the positive benefits of a well balanced diet for not only the anti-aging properties but staving off the complications that can come from age-related illnesses.

This National Nutrition Month, we want to take a look at six key tips you can use for yourself or for your Florida senior loved ones. While any changes to diet need to be well researched, and possibly reviewed with your physician, these best practices are ones we can all benefit from, both now and in the future.

1- Consider any health suggestions from your medical provider. Different foods, like different medications, have different positive qualities. For example, did you know research suggests there could be heart-related benefits to eating strawberries? Do not wait to talk to your medical provider about the foods you should, or should not, consider eating based on your own health diagnosis.

2- Do not splurge every night. Most of us know that some foods are better for us than others. While eating out every night or having ice cream at every meal may taste good, it may not be the healthiest of practices. Find a balance in what you eat each day making sure you consider the guidelines recommended for your age group and health needs.

3- Try new foods. You are never too old to try new foods! There are so many more foods available to you at your local grocery store than there were even ten years ago. Ask your friends, your doctor, and your family for recommendations, and then try something new.

4- Learn to cook. One of the reasons you may be hesitant to try something new is due to a perceived inability to cook. The truth is anyone can cook. In fact, for Florida seniors specifically, there are more resources than ever available online. Use this link to watch the Next Steps to Better Nutrition video series from the National Council on Aging.

5- Everything in moderation. From alcohol to desserts to rich foods to snacking, most nutrition guidelines suggest everything in moderation. No matter what your age, this is a lesson we can all learn from.

We know this article may raise more questions than it answers and we encourage you to ask us! We are here as your community law firm to work with you on this or any elder care issues you and your loved ones may be facing.

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