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This Is the Year to Plan Your Estate

MP900398747If you have put off getting an estate plan until now, then make one this year.

If you are like most people, any New Year’s resolutions that you made are likely already broken or well on their way to being broken.

Every year millions of Americans make resolutions, such as they are finally going to get serious about exercising, only to have those resolutions quickly fade away when they get back to their normal lives after the holidays.

However, there are some resolutions worth following. If you did not make them, it is not too late to do so.

One such resolution is to finally get an estate plan, as the Virginian-Pilot discusses in “Make estate planning a priority this year.”

Many Americans have a tendency to put off planning for their estates.

They believe that they will always have time to do it later.

Year after year goes by and every year people think they will still have time to wait until next year.

The problem?

Eventually the years will catch up to you. You will no longer be able to put off your estate planning until next year.

The catch is that you rarely will know ahead of time when you will no longer be able to wait to do your estate planning until next year.

Something could happen to you at any time.

Since you do not know whether you can put off estate planning until next year, it is a good idea to act like you cannot do so.

Visit an estate planning attorney this year.

Reference: Virginian-Pilot (Jan. 12, 2018) “Make estate planning a priority this year.”