Traveling Overseas

Posted on August 22, 2017
Before you go on a vacation in a foreign country, you should make plans to see an estate planning attorney. Going on your first vacation to a foreign country can be an exciting experience. You will see all sorts of things you cannot find in the U.S. If you are about to undertake such a visit, you have probably made all sorts of plans about what you want to see at your destination of choice.

The Ethics of Medicaid Planning

Posted on August 21, 2017
Arranging your assets so that you will qualify for Medicaid, should you ever need to stay in a nursing home for long-term care is possible. However, many people question the ethics of doing so. Medicaid often does not get a lot of attention, despite its importance. However, with some in Congress looking to make cuts to it as a way to reduce spending and taxes, Medicaid is back in the news on a regular basis.

A Feud Over the Rockefeller Legacy

Posted on August 19, 2017
John D. Rockefeller is a name that is almost synonymous with fossil fuels. The heirs to his fortune, however, are conflicted and fighting over them. Recently, the last surviving grandson of John D. Rockefeller passed away at the age of 101. His passing has shined the light on an interesting feud between members of the Rockefeller family. Standard Oil, the company Rockefeller founded, survives today as ExxonMobil. The Rockefellers are suing ExxonMobil because they believe

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